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Welcome to Beetles of Africa. My name is Colin R. Owen and I grew up on different mission stations in the old Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). On all these mission stations there was nothing else to do but to go around and study nature. My late father did not allow me as a little boy to catch spiders and snakes, though sometimes I did. One of the earliest beetle catching experiences I had, was when I was about seven. I had found a tree about three metres high that had beautiful big green Buprestids feeding on the leaves. I learned that if I ran up to the tree quickly and shook the tree hard, these beautiful beetles would fall to the ground and I would catch as many as I could carry in my little hands.

During the nights we had a big pressure lamp and to this light would come the most beautiful large emperor moths and other large Elateridae and Prionidae beetles with all the millions of other small beetles and moths. I always had a wonderful time collecting all these beetles and moths.

I admired the beetles in their infinite variety and their special lifestyles.
Beetles and other insects are undeniably important in our lives. Some may think they are harmful and will do anything to harm or kill them. But little do they know that their pollinating and other services are probably worth far more than the damage they couse. There is a strong case for less chemical control of insects and more biological control. This requires a more critical knowledge of insects and demands the ability to differentiate between our allies and our enemies.

On Beetles of Africa and endeavour to put my whole collection of beetles and insects plus photos I have taken and will take. It will take time to get them all photographed, especially the very small ones.

I hope you enjoy this website!
Please note that some of these beetles are for sale.

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