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My name is Colin R. Owen and I grew up on different mission stations in the old Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). On all these mission stations there was nothing else to do but to go around and study nature. My late father did not allow me as a little boy to catch spiders and snakes, though sometimes I did. One of the earliest beetle catching experiences I had, was when I was about seven. I had found a tree about three metres high that had beautiful big green Buprestids feeding on the leaves. I learned that if I ran up to the tree quickly and shook the tree hard, these beautiful beetles would fall to the ground and I would catch as many as I could carry in my little hands.
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There are two ways to look at the collection.  If you know the name or the region of the Beetle you can use our "Search the Beetles" page (you can use the navigation on the left side of this page).  If you want to look at pictures that show the different families of Beetles and then browse the families, you can use the Family Catalog page to make your selection and order beetles.

The collection was last updated on 31st October 2014

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